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  • Company: TechPort Solutions


Techport provides all-in-one system for all building systems which helps in

1. Inexpensive implementation
2. Reduced costs in terms of hardware
3. Software and operation
4. Highly efficient synergy effects
5. Lower emissions

What we provide :
1. Lighting Control
2. HVAC (Heating ventilation and air conditioning)
3. Irrigation
4. Security/Surveillance
5. Room automation
6. Remote maintenance
7. Operation and monitoring
8. Energy data acquisition
9. Data logging
10. Ethernet as universal bus system for building automation.
11. Flexible operation from touch panel to smart phone.
12. Central main building computer also for superordinate functions, e.g. energy management, data logging and remote maintenance.
13. Centralized or decentralized acquisition of all data points via modular Bus Terminals.
14. Retrofit solutions

Where it is required:
1. Office and industrial buildings
2. Residential buildings
3. Hotels, restaurants
4. Theatres, cinemas, museums
5. Infrastructure, transportation
6. Railway stations, airfields
7. Tunnels
8. Universities, schools
9. Hospitals, assisted living
10. Shopping centers
11. Water parks, spas