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A trusted partner to bring you closer to Beckhoff

A valued team with 10 years of experience in programming Beckhoff PLCs and motion control systems, at the service of companies who share a passion for new innovations.

Why choose us?
To have a trusted support for the implementation of Beckhoff within your company and to embrace in full Beckhoff philosophy.  In Techport, we know how Beckhoff technology works and we can support you in realising integrated systems, from design to software programming.

Beckhoff PC

I/O Modules

Motion Control

Power supplies

Beckhoff PC
1. Beckhoff Panel PCs
2. Beckhoff Control cabinet PCs
3. Beckhoff Control Panel
4. Beckhoff Embedded PC
5. Beckhoff Motherboards

Beckhoff I/O Modules
1. Beckhoff Bus Terminal
2. Beckhoff EtherCAT
3. Beckhoff Fieldbus Box
4. Beckhoff Lightbus
5. Beckhoff Infrastructure
6. Beckhoff components

Beckhoff Motion Control Products
1. Beckhoff Servo Drives
2. Beckhoff Synchronous Servomotors
3. Beckhoff Linear Servomotors
4. Beckhoff XTS

Beckhoff Windows based Control & Automation Technology Software
1. TwinCAT 3
2. TwinCAT HMI
3. TwinCAT 2
4. TwinSAFE
5. eXtreme Fast Control
6. Scientific Automation

Power supplies for 24 V and 48 V DC
1. PS1000 Power Supplies
2. PS2000 Power Supplies
3. PS3000 Power Supplies