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AMR (Automatic Meter Reader)

Our Automatic Meter Reader (AMR) is a GPRS based M2M application. It is a technology to automatically collect diagnostic, consumption and status data from electric meters in residential, commercial or distribution locations. We will provide these data to the utilities for analysis, billing and trouble shooting. This helps in generating bills based on near real time consumption rather than based on historic data. Our AMR will provide the interface and the communication tool between the electric meter and the central server where all the meter data is analyzed for carrying out load survey, load balancing or any other forecast analysis.

Supports push and pull type data transfer methods.

Supports meters with protocols like PACT, MODBUS, IEC, ANSI, DLMS/COSEM, etc.

Fully compliant with R-APDRP / IPDS specifications.

Indigenous design customizable to meet the requirements of any Indian DISCOM.